North America’s first Gaelic-language short film is a whirlwind of a tale!

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Calum MacLeod is a storyteller without an audience, for his children moved from Cape Breton long ago. One lonely night Calum confronts the Baron of the Wind in a storm and demands his children be returned. The old man promptly falls dead. From distant points the MacLeods assemble to attend Calum’s wake. But the deceased Calum has a surprise ending in store for them yet.

Shot in the highlands of Cape Breton and featuring Gaelic storyteller Angus MacLeod and music by internationally renowned signer Mary Jane Lamond, Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid is not only “a beautifully crafted film” (Inverness Oran), “a heart-tugger” (Halifax Daily News) and “a gem” (Winnipeg Uptown Magazine), it is a historic venture into one of the world’s most renowned oral storytelling cultures.